The Army Marches On


In their studies they employed a standard influenza model. Namely the ferret. The virus was modified to allow for aerosol transmission to one another. One of the causes of the public misunderstanding was the widespread belief that the virus that was transmitted by aerosol from one ferret to another, actually killed the ferrets. When in fact, that was not the case“.

~ Dr Anthony Fauci, Opening Statement to Congress 2012, On the risk of dual research (gain of function)

It seems clear that some of the strongest public proponents of the COVID-19 lockdowns, know clearly what they are doing. This quote by Dr Fauci seems in line with the MERS quote by Christian Drosten in 2014, describing the faults associated with PCR testing, which he helped establish as a pandemic diagnostic tool across the globe only six years later. In both cases, leading figures in the COVID-19…

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