Loads of people, loads of photos – the demo they want you to think never took place

All the Goss

What a day! What beautiful people! What a kick in the teeth for the establishment! And not a mask in sight – except from the police who were forced to wear them. Poor things.

Were you there? If you were you might be able to spot yourself in one of these pictures from the march and rally that yesterday brought central London to a standstill. Or perhaps you can spot the poster you designed and carried.

The featured image prophesies and encapsulates media reaction. Silence. Here it is again.

First about the size of the rally. Some may think it is not the place of a man of my years to be climbing up onto the lions in Trafalgar Square to get some of the best exclusive photographs of a turn in the tide. They might be right. But what the photos show is the rapidly growing movement opposed to…

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2 Replies to “Loads of people, loads of photos – the demo they want you to think never took place”

    1. Possibly a general problem. How do you hear about them? You hardly get to hear about the demos even after they’ve happened. MSM seems more concerned with suppressing news than giving news. However good to know large numbers are rejecting the wholesale propaganda.

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