Modern Day Conspiracists


Today’s “new world order conspiracists” have impressive backgrounds which seem a little confusing when they don’t subscribe to the exciting campaign of lockdown methods and case counting. Their expertise includes areas such as virology, epidemiology, pathology, toxicology, statistics and microbiology. Few of the many thousands speaking out are employed by government or connected to the enormous network of Gates Foundation funding. Even fewer of them are ever given air time in mainstream media outlets. Each of them seems financially independent in some way, either through retirement or private enterprise, with one or two stating that their employer has supported their right to speak out. Daring to speak out seems to spontaneously combust them into conspiracists, anti-vaxxers and murderous nutcases. Yet when you hear them speak, they seem informed and principled? In no particular order, below is a summary of a few of the most articulate lockdown opponents and links to…

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