Permanent mask mandate: cruelty defined

A Dissenter and Skeptic in Oregon (and beyond!)

As you may know from reading my previous post, I’ve recently become homeless. Basically now I’m “camping” out of my small pickup, and many places that offer cheap or free camping also don’t have cell service. I only have a cell connection for internet, and so it’s been very difficult to keep up on current events or new science.

Still, during a recent foray into civilization, I saw a headline proclaiming that Oregon’s mask mandate may become permanent.

This is the worst news for Oregon and anyone even visiting Oregon that I’ve heard in months. Not since the cancellation of the fall and winter holidays has the news been so grim.

At this point only the hopelessly ignorant and terminally stupid still believe there was a pandemic. And those are the same people who still think masks are protection, or that lockdowns are less harmful than C19.

Sadly those are…

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One Reply to “Permanent mask mandate: cruelty defined”

  1. That just makes no sense, just go to your local legislator and remind them what their own political part just said, we need to actually used their own mandate against them.

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