Seizing Senses


It’s only just over a year since I assumed that those around me were equally horrified by the below Guardian article. Apparently I was completely incorrect and Communist style governance is considered fine when presented as the only way that our health can be protected. Which is a pseudoscientific lie of course, but established as a universal truth with surprising ease.

The UK National Health Service are now rolling out vaccine passports, which are also being discussed (and no doubt it’s merely a matter of time) across the globe. In China, if your digitalised social credit doesn’t meet required standards, your employment, your child’s education, your opportunities such as to own a business, to travel or where you can choose to live, are all restricted. These freedoms are already threatened across the globe, with small business closures and mortgage foreclosures occurring at unprecedented rates; schooling-at-home established in many places; work-from-home…

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