If it doesn’t fly, quack or waddle like a duck….

The Slog

…..chances are it’s the Labour Party

Sometimes, one cannot separate national politics from mendacious geopolitics, joke pandemics and globalist corporatism. The UK Labour Party’s latest in a long list of regular meltdowns both supports and reflects a growing trend in the Anglosphere away from globalism and collectivism. The tricky bit to work out at the moment is “towards what?”. The Slog offers an answer.

Labour was crushed in Hartlepool, in two ways. First, because ex-Kippers didn’t return to the fold; and second, because huge numbers of traditional Party supporters stayed at home. (The turnout was only 42.3% – given the importance for the Leadership, and the media attention applied to the by-election as a “test of strength”, that was a damning condemnation of the Starmer-Rayner team).

That team is no more: Starmer aced Angela Rayner yesterday – a flatface firing a bonehead, one might observe. But in truth, neither…

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