Deaths and side effects from vaccines in Israel

All the Goss

Israel was one of the first countries to get most of its inhabitants vaccinated. In the first two months of this year total deaths in the twenty to thirty age group are up 32% from the previous year. The Israeli government has done everything in its power to stop reported damage from its own sources getting into the public domain. Doctors for Covid Ethics (D4CE) brings you the interim report here or here. I am reproducing it on All the Goss in case, as with the last D4CE article, it gets taken down. A full report will be produced later.

The Israeli People’s Committee Report of Adverse Events Related to the Corona Vaccine, April 2021: May 11th, 2021

Never Has a Vaccine Injured soMany

The Israeli People’s Committee, an independent investigative group that comprises medical, legal, and epidemiological expertise, has released a summary report on the experience of mass experimental…

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