Will the last person to leave the Labour Party turn out the lights | The Mallard

By Mario Laghos

The constituency of Hartlepool, Labour since its inception, has fallen to the Tories. Boris Johnson’s candidate, Jill Mortimer, won with 52% of the vote, while Keir Starmer’s man, Paul Williams, secured less than 30%. The Conservative Mayor of Teesside, Ben Houchen has won re-election with an unfathomably large 73% of the vote, after having won by a margin of only 2% in 2017.

Will the Last Person to Leave the Labour Party Turn Out the Lights? | Mario Laghos


One Reply to “Will the last person to leave the Labour Party turn out the lights | The Mallard”

  1. The red wall continues to crumble. What the new elite have in common with the old elite is patronising contempt for working people combined with underestimating their intelligence. Thatcher turned the Conservatives into the party of the old elite. Blair hi-jacked Labour for the anti-working class middle classes. The Labour Party no longer supports the interests of the working class nor British citizens. They are the party of the new elite, supporting the agenda of the global elite show-cased in their Woke policies which have turned serious politics into a circus. They should be called the Woke Party.
    The swing to the Tories is not because working people have decided tipping the forelock to the gentry is right after all, but because the old elite, cocooned by their social position have no interest in Woke policies – they are not harmed by them. Labour represents the new elite. The old elite might spare a few crumbs from their table, but the new elite only promises to take away what little the working class has left.

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