Man Kicked Off Plane For Not Wearing Mask In Between Bites of Food

Nwo Report

Believe it or not, that’s now federal policy.

Source:Paul Joseph Watson

A man was kicked off a Southwest Airlines flight because he didn’t wear his mask in between eating bites of food, which according to the TSA is now a federal mandate.

Yes, really.

“I, Avi Mandel, just got kicked off a plane because I wasn’t wearing my mask in between bites while I was eating,” said Mandel in a video shot immediately after the incident, which occurred while the plane was waiting to take off from Thurgood Marshall Baltimore Washington International Airport.

“The way I was treated was absolutely absurd. It was crazy and it wasn’t fair,” Mandel subsequently told WJZ, explaining that he had opened a pack of Twizzlers but was then told to mask up by a flight attendant who immediately “ran away.”

A loudspeaker announcement was then made to all passengers telling them, “Everyone who’s…

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