THOUSANDS of anti-lockdown protesters TAKE OVER central London

Freedom Of Speech

Thousands of protesters have descended on London to protest the British government’s ongoing coronavirus restrictions. Though pubs and shops have reopened, stiff limits on gatherings remain in place.

Holding signs reading“Freedom is non-negotiable”and“No health passports,”the demonstrators gathered in the capital on Saturday. Billed by its organizers as the“biggest street party London has ever seen,”the rally drew thousands of participants unhappy with the lingering restrictions on gatherings and movement, and opposed to the government’s vague plans to introduce so-called‘vaccine passports’.

Actor and mayoral candidate Laurence Fox, who has promised to do away with Covid-19 restrictions entirely if elected, was an enthusiastic participant. Posting videos of hordes of people marching through the streets, he decried the “total corruptstream media blackout” of the protest.

As of mid-afternoon, the mood seemed jovial. Though gatherings…

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Police Scotland: protecting rapists’ feelings | Spiked


Police Scotland: protecting rapists’ feelings


Situations like this make a laughing stock of the police, bringing the law into disrepute and earning contempt for authority and our political establishment.

A male rapist identifies as female and requires to be referred to as such. What is missing from this picture? Experts in every field like to bounce onto every platform to exhibit their professional credentials. So why the deafening silence from psychologists and psychiatrists and criminal profilers.  Are they all asleep?

Rape is a male crime. Women are not rapists. Therefore it follows that a person with a penis is making a very suspicious and not credible claim by asserting his/her mind is female. A female wouldn’t rape nor even be inclined to. Any person in a male body who rapes is obviously bringing into question the likely veracity of his/her claim to actually be a woman.

If psychologists/psychiatrists and criminal profilers cannot distinguish male minds from female minds, perhaps their professions are also fraudulent.

How many of our authorities are bogus, pretending an expertise that they don’t actually possess? Yet they lecture the rest of us, making assertions of what is true not only in complete absence of evidence but even where the evidence points in a totally different direction.


The world’s richest people emit the most carbon | Our World

Oxfam estimates that the world’s richest 10 percent of people have carbon footprints that are 60 times higher as the poorest 10 percent. Any estimation that generalizes large populations is difficult to make, but researchers at Oxfam also estimate that the emissions of the world’s richest 1 percent create an even larger emissions gap: the 1 percent could emit 30 times more than the poorest …

The World’s Richest People Emit the Most Carbon


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What’s Your Baby’s Carbon Footprint?


Genetic Vaccines: Are They the New Thalidomide? by Lee D. Merritt, M.D.


With vaccines that have only been in existence for about a year, there is of course no way to know what happens to people who take them over the long-term. From Lee D. Merritt, M.D. at

Genetic Vaccines: Are They the New Thalidomide?
Ridofranz/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Many Americans have heard the news account of Dr. Gregory Michael, a 56-year-old Florida physician who, after receiving his first dose of a Pfizer COVID vaccine on December 18 of last year, was hospitalized three days later. He had a total loss of his platelets — the little blood cells that stop bleeding. In spite of being treated by a team of physicians, he died two weeks later from a brain hemorrhage, and was reported to have had zero platelets. By February 10, 2021, 36 other similar cases were reported in the mainstream media. Pfizer, which along with its partner BioNTech made the vaccine the doctor received, said in a…

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Oregon HS Track Coach Calls for End to Mask Rule After Athlete Collapses

Nwo Report


A high school track coach in Oregon is calling for an end to rules mandating mask-wearing during competition after one of his athletes collapsed from “complete oxygen debt.”

After a nearly two-year break from track meets, high schools in Oregon once again began competing, but the state added a new rule, requiring students to wear masks at all times, even when competing in sports.

While excited to get back to competition, Summit coach Dave Turnbull wasnot thrilledabout the masks, according toThe Bulletin.

The biggest problem for the coach and his runners came in the 800-meter race when student Maggie Williams collapsed on the track just meters short of the finish line even as she was on the verge of achieving a school record.

“I was pushing so hard and everything went blurry and I just fell,” Williams toldThe Bulletin. “But luckily I fell…

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Freedom Of Speech


In January 2020, the SARS-CoV-2 virus took the world by surprise, leading to many deaths and much disruption to our lives. Now, more than a year on, we need to take stock of our response and ask if all emergency actions taken were necessary, whether they are still necessary and if any mistakes were made.

Normally in England and Wales if a death is caused by a Notifiable Disease like Covid-19, an inquest must be held. However, with the introduction of the Coronavirus Act 2020 last March, this requirement was suspended in cases where Covid-19 was suspected as a cause of death. This remains the case for the duration of the “Emergency Period” defined in the act.

The act also radically changed the established procedures for registering deaths. Previously, an attending doctor would complete and submit a death certificate to the local medical examiner who would scrutinise it and…

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REPORT: Pfizer Vaccine Confirmed To Cause Neurodegenerative Diseases


by Nathaniel Linderman | National File April 22nd 2021, 5:02 pm

A new report has determined the Pfizer vaccine can cause Alzheimer’s and other conditions

In a shocking newreporton the COVID-19 vaccines, it has been discovered that the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine has long term health effects not previously disclosed, including “ALS, Alzheimer’s, and other neurological degenerative diseases.”

“The current RNA based SARSCoV-2 vaccines were approved in the US using an emergency order without extensive long term safety testing,” the report declares. “In this paper the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine was evaluated for the potential to induce prion-based disease in vaccine recipients.” Prion-based diseases are, according to the CDC, a form of neurodegenerative diseases, meaning that the Pfizer vaccine is likely to cause long term damage and negative health effects with regards to the brain.

This is especially concerning since the Pfizer vaccine is an mRNA vaccine, an untested type of…

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India’s Public Health Ambassador Dies Day After Taking COVID Vaccine


Infowars.comApril 24th 2021, 1:43 pm

“I want to put an end to all the rumors. I want to show people that there is no danger in getting vaccinated. On the contrary, it will protect us,” said Vivekh day before passing.

Many in India are outraged after the country’s public health ambassador died suddenly only a day after receiving the COVID-19 vaccination, according to reports.

Popular actor and comedian Vivekh, who also served as India’s public health ambassador to promote vaccination, took the COVID-19 vaccine COVAXIN last week at the Tamil Nadu Government Multi Super Speciality Hospital in Chennai, urging many others to also get the jab.

“The government hospitals provide healthcare…

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Social Media Influencer Exposes COVID Vaccine Pay-To-Propagandize Scheme

The Most Revolutionary Act

Instagram influencer

Tap News / Weaver

An Instagram social media personality, known as the 1776 wife, revealed that COVID-19 vaccine providers are paying social media ‘influencers” who have large subscriber audiences to hawk their vaccines. The pay-to-propagandize scheme offered to pay her $1300 to market the vaccine in three steps: sharing excitement about taking the jab or preparing to be vaccinated, sharing videos and images relaying what they’re most looking forward to doing after getting the shot, and finally encouraging followers to share what activities they are hoping to engage in after vaccination. The narrative that people can get “back to normal” after more individuals are vaccinated is a farce because people who have taken the vaccine are told to continue wearing masks and socially distance. Last week, the Biden administration announced that it invested $3-billion in a “Community Core” operation meant to “provide fact-based messages into the hand of…

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