Angry Parents Take Over Arizona School District Board Meeting to Protest Mask Mandate for Children – Cowardly Board Members Take Off! (VIDEO)

Nwo Report

Source: Cristina Laila

Arizona – Parents took over a Vail School District board meeting this week to protest the mask mandate for children.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey lifted the statewide mask mandate for schools last summer, but the Vail Unified School District kept the mandate in place anyway.

Board members were planning on reviewing the mask mandate on Tuesday when angry parents made their way into the building and crashed the study session, KGUN-TV reported.

Pima County Sheriffs showed up to the school to help keep the order.

The school board members couldn’t take the heat so they canceled their meeting and took off like cowards.

They wouldn’t even face the parents.

“Let our children breathe!” the protesters chanted.

“They do not have the right to take this away from us! These are our kids!” a mother said.

“We’re hearing they’ve all quit!” one parent said before the group held…

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Racism: Comparing ‘this’ with ‘that’

There was ‘this’:

According to reports, the attack on the elderly Asian man, that the NYPD now considers a hate crime, was done by a darker skinned person. READ: Sickening head-stomping assault of Asian man, 61, caught on video, heartbroken wife demands justice

And now for the ‘that’.

The Canadian government recently published a report that only…

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Illinoisans Overwhelmingly Oppose Racial Indoctrination Rampant In Schools, Yet They Cower In Silence, by Mark Glennon


It’s not easy to take on the mob. From Mark Glennon at

Illinois’ political establishment is far out of touch with the general public on the racial dogma now forced on students from kindergarten through college. Yet a stunning two-thirds of Illinoisans say they don’t speak up, thereby ceding control to an intolerant, extremist minority.

The proof is in a poll released last month that was mostly buried and ignored by the press. It primarily addressed what schools now teach as unquestionable truth: critical race theory, also called anti-racism or wokism.

Illinoisans don’t like it. The American Council of Trustees and Alumni, which commissioned the poll, summarized their findings this way:

A majority  of respondents  favor equipping teachers to develop core skills and competencies over the encouragement of  progressive  political activism.  Illinoisans  also  favor  a curriculum that  focuses  on “American founding principles and . . . documents” over …

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The Woke cultural revolution in our schools | Spiked

By Joanna Williams

The woke cultural revolution in our schools


An interesting article particularly if read alongside the preceding article on thought control. By turning language into a mine field thought is constricted and action becomes paralysed. Particularly powerful techniques when practised against children who are a captive audience in schools.

People become afraid to say anything as the most innocent utterance can provoke attack and children become afraid of other children.

This is top-down control engineered into the grass roots level.

Brain Programming: The Gateway to a Controlled Society - by F. Kaskais

by Jon Rappoport

“Since the dawn of time, the most powerful groups in every society have practiced forms of mind control on populations. They determined it was necessary. Eventually, they decided it was their most important job. Convincing the masses that a fabricated reality is Reality…that task requires formidable mind control.”(Jon Rappoport, The Underground)

DARPA, the technical-research arm of the Pentagon, is leading the way in a mission to program the human brain. What could go wrong? In a word, everything.

Here is a DARPA release (5/27/14) on the upcoming “brain-mapping” plan, in accordance with Obama’s initiative aimed at “preventing violence through improved mental health” — otherwise known as Clockwork Orange:

“…developing closed-loop therapies that incorporate recording and analysis of brain activity with near-real-time neural stimulation.”

Translation: Reading myriad brain activities as they occur, and influencing that activity with various inputs/interferences. Drugs, electrical currents, nano-entities, etc.

Here’s another…

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