Why the globalist banker cul-de-sac needed the Covid passport to survival

The Slog

Around the globe today, there are unfortunate, delusional individuals in their billions who believe in wild conspiranoid theories about stock markets still being bellweathers, the ThPharmafia expecting nothing in return for their donations, unrepayable debt being repayable without pain, bankers with strong philanthropic emotions keen to help the desperate, and billionaires wishing nothing more than to ditch their carefully constructed investment strategies in favour of a better life for all 7.8 billion of us on Planet Earth. If you’re in the business of targeting those who would enthusiastically buy tartan paint, then this Slogpost is a must-read.

Warren Buffet thinks stock markets are more than 200% overvalued. Versus his indicator trend line, at 31,000+, the Dow is 88% higher than it would be “all other things being equal”. So you see, it’s not just me saying ‘this is the greatest stock market/economy mismatch in history’. The markets are rigged by…

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