Using Progressive Means to Restore Liberty

Nwo Report

Source: Richard Speed

Scores of millions of Americans sense that something terrible has been happening in our country recently. Democracy has been steadily slipping away for years, but never faster than in the catastrophic year of 2020. Meanwhile, the process continues at an ever-increasing rate under the administration of the cognitively declining man in the White House. Incompetent tyrants at the federal, state, and local level rule the American people. Who knew that anonymous local health officials could violate our property rights by shutting down small businesses and that governors could restrict our rights to freedom of association and of worship? Who knew that social media corporations could censor our First Amendment rights to freedom of speech?

Leading American corporations publicly embrace the radical agenda of the far left while holding in contempt much of the population whom they seem to regard as “white supremacists.” It would be hard to…

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