Police Scotland: protecting rapists’ feelings | Spiked


Police Scotland: protecting rapists’ feelings


Situations like this make a laughing stock of the police, bringing the law into disrepute and earning contempt for authority and our political establishment.

A male rapist identifies as female and requires to be referred to as such. What is missing from this picture? Experts in every field like to bounce onto every platform to exhibit their professional credentials. So why the deafening silence from psychologists and psychiatrists and criminal profilers.  Are they all asleep?

Rape is a male crime. Women are not rapists. Therefore it follows that a person with a penis is making a very suspicious and not credible claim by asserting his/her mind is female. A female wouldn’t rape nor even be inclined to. Any person in a male body who rapes is obviously bringing into question the likely veracity of his/her claim to actually be a woman.

If psychologists/psychiatrists and criminal profilers cannot distinguish male minds from female minds, perhaps their professions are also fraudulent.

How many of our authorities are bogus, pretending an expertise that they don’t actually possess? Yet they lecture the rest of us, making assertions of what is true not only in complete absence of evidence but even where the evidence points in a totally different direction.


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