A Utopian Dream (with aliens)


The spaceship landed in England and the smiling aliens made their proposition. Any working class Briton of any colour was invited to fly away with the aliens for a three year contract doing mundane jobs like clearing tables and cleaning toilets for three times the average wage, and it wasn’t a scam – they were real jobs not a trick to trap the recruits into slave prostitution. Like one man the working class packed up and flew off with the aliens. They figured after three years they could come home and buy a house.

The migrants into Britain were delighted. Now there was a shortage of workers the wages shot up and rents and house prices collapsed. The wealthy elite panicked. They forced emergency legislation through Parliament making India and China part of the European Union. Now people were living on the street and living on a bowl of rice a day – just like home. The European migrants packed up and went home and bought their houses.

Meanwhile back on the spaceship the friendly aliens told the British economic migrants their contracts were coming to an end. In preparation for coming home they were provided with a preview of how conditions had changed. This was greeted with a long, thoughtful silence. Finally someone muttered, “If I’d wanted to live in a 3rd world country, I would have migrated to one”.

Seeing their employees were unhappy, the kindly aliens suggested an alternative. “We know of a small world which has everything you need. Oceans with fish, forests, temperate to warm climate. If you don’t mind fending for yourself we could drop you off. And given it was over-population that destroyed your last world and society we will tweak your genetic code so your population remains stable. When you reproduce, you reproduce your own redundancy. So every time a male or female parents a child, their own life will be shortened by 10 years”.

“Now you’re sure you can manage?”

“We can manage”.

So the spaceship stopped at a small earth type planet and one by one the British working class disembarked; the builders, the road and bridge builders; the plumbers, the electricians; the carpenters; joiners; the miners; the farmers; the gardeners and foresters; the mechanics; the technicians; repairmen; the metalworkers; the glaziers; the nursery workers; the nurses; the carers; the para-medicals; the soldiers; the fishermen; the sewing machine engineers; factory engineers; seamstresses; weavers; cooks; brewers; distillers; retailers; wholesalers; inventors and a wide range of hobbiests.

In no time at all they had a modern, working society, where everyone worked who could and any excess was used to support the very young or the very old or the injured and sick.

Several years on two New Worlders were enjoying the evening sun over a beer.

“Do you miss the old world?”

“No. They had one thing right though, the old ruling class”.

“What was that?”

“Get rid of society’s parasites and you can have a perfect world”.



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