From Covid to collapse: can you see the join?

The Slog

Too many have been distracted by the obvious attempt to enrich health bureaucrats and Pharma as a result of Contrick19. Others still have been taken in by the negative hype of Coronvirus as a “killer” and the ludicrous over-estimation of half-baked “vaccines” as the cure. But there are still precious few who discern the bigger picture of totalitarian Reset. Their numbers are about to grow.

120 US doctors have signed a public letter to the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) criticising the publication of a flawed study claiming to find ivermectin ineffective against COVID-19. It is, of course, highly effective – especially as a prophylactic; but then, regulars here will already know that “Professor” Peter Horby at Oxford-Astrazeneca pulled the same stunt last year in relation to HCQ. His findings also proved to be drivel. Donations from Pharmcos eager to rubbish cheap generic management drugs featured prominently in…

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