When the English talk about something, they are actually talking about something else

English obliqueness and indirection takes some getting used to if you are not English. Whatever you think the conversation is about it is probably about something else. After 40 years living in England I still have not got the hang of it coming from a corner of the U.K. where the conversational norms were it was impolite to keep the other party guessing about what you were talking about. You cannot take them literally. The English habitually veil their meaning, which is plain to themselves because unseen to the rest of humanity they have a secret decoding dictionary to which only they have the key.

You can spend years debating an issue with them only to eventually discover the conversation was about something else entirely.

Take racism. To the naive foreigner, you might think the conversation is about race. You would think from all the palaver that middle and higher middle class justice warriors are passionate about, er, social justice – in one of the most classist cultures in the world of which they are the beneficiaries.

The privileged of our society make out that they care terribly about injustice to black, ethnic and migrant. They care so passionately about it they have identified the monsters who hurt these people so much, namely the white, paranoid, xenophobic, fascist working class. Not themselves of course, who benefit from cheap foreign servants, cheap easy-to-exploit labour to inflate their profit margin, over-demand for housing to inflate rents, and as a totally accidental side-product keep all those nasty, white, working class Nazis in the gutter they inconveniently keep trying to leave.

So all the howling, and anguish and angst about race decoded is virulent hatred of the working class. Waving a race banner makes the hatred legitimate while they bask in the glow of their moral superiority.

Meanwhile white, black, ethnic and migrant working class struggle on trying to clamber out of the gutter which the higher-ups are busily dredging deeper.



2 thoughts on “When the English talk about something, they are actually talking about something else

  1. HA, good one! The ‘white privilege’ lie is even more stupid than the cornholio hoax and proves only one thing to me every time I hear some schmuck go on about it: they’ve never traveled to a ‘non-Western’ country. “Guess what, asshats,” I want to scream at them, “there are no white folk on the walls of the ‘ascended masters’ or royal births of the majority of the f’ing world!”

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