Fighting Fraud


Chris Whitty, Chief Medical Advisor to the UK Government, is an MD and Epidemiologist. Along with a small number of other politicians he is central to the ongoing enforced lockdowns in place in the UK which are devastating the nation’s economy and health. Whitty gave an excellent presentation on epidemics in 2018, before lockdown became a required part of so-called pandemic control. You can see the presentation, given as Professor of Physic at Gresham College in central London, at this Gresham College page which also offers a PDF download of the presentation. To quote Whitty, the reason that being in the centre of an international travel hub “is not as worrying as it looks, is that being rich, as a society, massively hardens society against epidemics of any sort. It does this not primarily through reasons of medicine, but in fact because of all the other things that lead…

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