Scapegoat, the weight of other people’s guilt | Psychology Spot

By Jennifer Delgado

That person is the one who bears all the problems, shame and guilt …….. thus diverting attention from the real conflicts that must be resolved. ……..The phenomenon of the scapegoat in Psychology can be traced to two Freudian defense mechanisms: displacement and projection.

Scapegoat, the weight of other people’s guilt

4 Replies to “Scapegoat, the weight of other people’s guilt | Psychology Spot”

    1. Thank you. What I find frustrating about so many theories – political, social, psychological, etc are the dearth of article applying such theories to ongoing events. I don’t understand this omission. I accept that my attempts to join the dots are often clumsy, but they will have to do until I can find more expert bloggers to make the point.

      1. I know what you mean con. It seems we will have to continue stumbling our way in the dark with all of this, connecting dots here and there until the professional media decides to start doing it’s job again. Fat chance of that.

        Keep up the good work!

      2. The news isn’t news. Google searches are useless. The only place I can get relevant comment and content is from other free-thinking bloggers. We’re being dumbed down and subjected to top-down control – like recruits to a cult we never consented to join. The internet enables a degree of push-back but this is being attacked too.
        Thanks for your comment, Tricia – likewise, keep up the good work. Needed more than ever.

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