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State actions on Covid19 totally contradict its lachrymose virtue signalling

I came across yet another NHS hard-sell persuasion document during the course of my travels the day before yesterday. It directed the vaccine marketeers to say to older people, “Do you realise you are three times more likely to die from Covid than the under-40’s?”

Not only is that an understatement (they are 20 times more likely to die from it) it is also very obviously alarmist. The risk context has been left out: oldies have a 6% chance of dying from Covid infection….whereas forty-somethings and below have a 0.03% chance of so doing. In short, very little and almost nothing respectively.

But of course, the Government’s policy there was plain for all to see: better to terrify the wrinklies without letting Thatcher’s children realise how miniscule the threat is to them.

Our élites tell us we are facing a…

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