Diaper Report 3/28/21, by Eric Peters


Making people where face masks presupposes that they’re sick. From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

Forcing healthy people to wear a “mask” as a condition of being allowed to live was never meant to “stop the spread.” It was meant to establish the precedent – in this case, for forcing healthy people to submit to a vaccination.

To many vaccinations. And more than just that.

A writer for the Daily Beast makes the point – without putting it quite that way.

Instead, he uses the world-turned-upside-down logic of the “mask” pushers – i.e., that you must accept the vaccine as the price of being allowed to work, shop and socialize with others because you haven’t got the right to expose others to sickness.

He writes, in reverse-logic form:

Just as I may have a right not to wear a mask or get a shot, you have a right to…

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