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It takes a woman’s nose to turn a theory into physical evidence. Hopkins deserves the plaudits for this one

‘Psy-Op’ has become one of those bits of blogosphere jargon (like ‘False Flag’ and ‘Frame’) that the conspiracy naysayers just love to giggle about over their Rice Krispies of a morning. It stands for psychological operation, and anyone who’s travelled quite a bit, worked in the persuasion business, had information ministries as clients and moved on from Rice Krispies buried in a dumper-truck of white sugar knows that Psy-Ops are real.

They are omnipresent, and their designers have taken full advantage of anthropological pyschiatry, selling psychology, negotiation theory, focus groups, image management consultants and PR case histories to hone their craft. Only the Home Counties smuggies and Leftlib dumbos don’t believe in it….even though, ironically, their favoured media like Channel 4, CNN, the BBC, the Guardian and the New York Times…

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