Can anyone explain why our ruling elites lack humanity?

In the 2WW when the Brits were on their uppers under wartime austerity the influx of GI’s to the rescue caused consternation, particularly to the men. The Americans were summed up thus – “Over-sexed, over-paid and over here”. But what was clear to everyone and earned admiration and respect was their generosity. They had more and they shared. Without strings, without patronage, with gracious good will. And this came from the men themselves out of their own character, not instructed by superiors. It left an abiding impression of the Americans as a people of good will, generosity  and kindness. Not incidentally the virtues extolled by Jesus Christ.

But such virtues are not confined to the Americans – many other nations are noted for their charity – the Irish, English, Arab nations famous for their hospitality and compassion. The list goes on.  The world over our common humanity values these pro-social values and accord respect and affection to those who embody them, summed up in the definition of humanity:

Definition of Humanity by Merriam-Webster dictionary – compassionate, sympathetic, or generous behavior or disposition: the quality or state of being humane

Time and again the generosity and compassion of the ordinary and poor stands in stark contrast to the greed and selfishness of the rich and privileged, who like over-grown toddlers demand everything for themselves at the cost of leaving nothing for anyone else.

Does this not strike you as strange? That universal qualities of humanity are most notably in short supply in our ruling elites? They are human too after all. As leaders surely they should be the best embodiment of human values, not among the worst examples.

But given that they do not support humanity’s values, why do we follow them?

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