7 vaccine questions NIMS failed to answer

Even when you don’t have a tv you will be hounded until you get a licence. Even when you don’t need a vaccination you will be hounded until you get one.

All the Goss

The NHS National Immunisation Management Services (NIMS) is almost impossible to find as a separate entity for handling vaccination queries. Yet this body is responsible for the drive to get everybody vaccinated with untested life-threatening vaccines.

Having been harassed perpetually to get a Covid-19 vaccination amounting to 2 text messages, 4 letters and 5 telephone calls I was getting quite annoyed by the time Mr. Sid Patel phoned on Wednesday 10 February. He got the sharp end of my tongue.

I told him that this harassment was beyond reasonable and that he and others trying to get me vaccinated in a global experiment on human beings were breaking the Nuremberg Code by this onslaught. I further told him that at the Nuremberg Trials “only obeying orders” was not an admissible plea.

It seemed to shock him and he asked if I would like to speak to a clinician as he…

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