Water Might Be Wet


We could abandon lockdown policies immediately and revert to the established pandemic plans that were in place which referred to sound evidence collected over many years. Global Influenza Programme: Pandemic Mitigation Plan (October 2019). I continue to hope that soon we will, before freedom becomes accepted as a tightly managed privilege which only the most compliant to corporate interests will have access to.

This would require a few changes, including:

  • Widely publicise that Covid-19 is not a novel virus, as we were initially told and which has never been publicly corrected (as far as I am aware). Most of us have pre-existing immunity from exposure to the four circulating common cold Human Coronaviruses (as well as SARS and MERS cross-immunity).
  • Widely publicise the median Infection Fatality Rate – 0.23% – to reduce the level of fear across…

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