GLEANINGS FROM THE PASSING WEEK … (Politically Uncorrected)


From the week:

Portland: Destructive Antifa riots continue, largely unreported, (Report)

What “normal” are we returning to? The depression nobody dares acknowledge (Article)

The U.S. economy: Food price inflation (Article)

More ecoomy: 11 million homeowners/renters behind in payments facing end of COVID protections? (Report)

Congress: Democrats cementing obedient election procedures? (Report)

Is the U.S. going the way of Afghanistan? (Report)

New York State will require citizen personal (COVID) ID to enter public places? (Report)

FBI: Large group of agents broke Dr. Simone Gold’s door and dragged her away in handcuffs? (Report) (Moral: Don’t disagree with the government)

The U.S. election: FBI confiscated, then shredded ballots under audit? (Report)

Government: Judge blocks unmasked parents from seeing kids (Report)

U.S. Congress: $350 B for cities, counties, states in COVID bailout? (Report)

The climate: Unlike politics, science says that the earth is cooling … (Article)


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