Progressive Surprised To Learn He Can Still Wear Mask Even Without Government Forcing Him To


Progressives across the state, however, began to grow worried that they would now have to start to make their own decisions about their health. What’s worse, they would have to take responsibility for their actions when it comes to where they go, whether or not they mask, and whether or not they social distance.

AUSTIN, TX—As Texas removed its mask mandate this week, many progressives were shocked to learn that they could still wear masks. Having been led to believe that the end of the mask mandate would mean all masks everywhere would disappear like all those people inInfinity War, he was surprised to find that his mask hadn’t yet been dusted from existence.

“It’s so weird — I can still wear 2, 3, or even 4 masks at once. Bizarre!” said Austin progressive activist Frank Milesas the sun rose and his mask was still firmly in…

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