What does cis stand for? Sissy?

I got out of bed the wrong side this morning so here is your trigger warning to all you snowflakes and other kinds of flake. This is a rant. I have just about reached boiling point at these cretinous times, with our rulers and their perverted obsessions with probing every kind of orifice on flimsy pretexts – yes – exactly what planet do they come from?  A suggestion – Planet Pervert?

And their ongoing bastardisation of our beautiful language with their unwanted, unnecessary added terms such as hate crimes ( as distinct from the like you very much crimes), woke ( brainwashed somnambulists), all designed to insult, mock and antagonise, language loaded like guns. But it took me awhile to suss just why I found the term cis incredibly annoying.  Then I got it. Cis, as in sissy.

From some extreme, off the spectrum, obsessed, hysterical, over-reactive, fragile, over-sensitive to insult, therefore entitling the person so affected to disproportionate retaliation, cis as a diminutive of sissy could be viewed from a very distorted viewpoint as poetic justice.

In the middle of the last century sissy was the pejorative term for an effeminate man. The term was liberally used in the school playground against any kid who failed to live up to the recent post world war stereotype of stoical macho manliness. At a time when kids who were fat or wore glasses or, God help them, wore calipers/leg irons, whose lives were made hell by unrelenting abuse from other children, all ignored by parents and teachers who were robust in instilling respect for them, respect for authority and “good manners” but indifferent to children tormenting helpless other children, few boys whatever their inclination were  going to put themselves in the firing line by earning the label “sissy”. The term was also used against girls and cry-babies on the basis of showing any kind of weakness, particularly crying. So much for the innocence of children. No-one teaches them to be nasty, they are born that way.

Now everyone is a sissy (cis) except the less than 1 percent.

And we’re taking it.

The idiocracy is steaming ahead. Can we become even more dumbed down, through schools, media and elite  brainwashing?

There may be a higher limit on intelligence but there sure isn’t any bottom level on dumb.


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