Over the threshold to technocracy

The Slog

In this, AJC Boone’s latest extended essay, we see the painstaking assemblage of nothing less than a classic go-to reference Bible for those who want all the evidence of Big Brotherly Love, aka The Rape of the Citizen’s Mind, in the 21st century. The regrettable 3-in-a-bed romp between amoral technology, the political class and the surveillance community is documented and evidenced in full. No only does it serve as an indelible (and fully sourced) reference of the destruction of Western democracy, it also completely nukes the “wild conspiracy disinformation” media narrative peddled by The Great Reset Alliance.

How important is it to you personally that you live in a laissez-faire liberal democracy? Could you put it into words? Explain it to a 17 year-old?

And let’s use a precise definition: a democracy is a system of governance beholden to the expressed will of the voters. Those on the losing side…

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