Cracking the Lunacy


At last mainstream media are starting to question events of the past year. Hopefully this is a sign that normalcy will begin to return and our lunatocracies revert to democracies again before it is too late.

Coronavirus lockdown lunacy is frying our minds: Adam Creighton in The Australian reported ten days ago on this study about mass hysteria in the context of COVID-19.

Victoria to Western Australia: hold my beer.

If you thought Perth’s bizarre five-day lockdown over a single person, who wasn’t sick and infected no one else, was strange, then Victoria’s statewide third lockdown of 6.6 million people is so freakish it raises a worrying possibility.

The west, and Australia and New Zealand in particular, are suffering mass psychogenic illness, where only sociology, psychology and the perverse incentives of large welfare states, can explain the ongoing obsession with COVID-19 and our medieval responses to it after…

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