Ministers Still Pressuring Boris Johnson to Introduce ‘Domestic Passports’ to Enter Cinemas, Live Events

Nwo Report

While government ludicrously asserts vaccine will not be mandatory.

Source:Paul Joseph Watson

Ministers are still pressuring Prime Minister Boris Johnson to introduce ‘domestic passports’ that would only allow those who have taken the COVID-19 vaccine to enter venues such as cinemas, sports stadiums and even pubs and restaurants.

As we highlighted earlier this week, the British government denied for months that it was planning vaccine passports for international travel, but then did a 180 and indicated they were all but inevitable.

Authorities then also suggested that domestic passports could also be mandated that would prevent people who haven’t taken the coronavirus jab from entering cinemas, bars, restaurants and even shops.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson quickly tried to dismiss the idea of a domestic vaccine passport on Monday, but in the same breath said that businesses would adopt an identical system anyway.

“I think that will be the route that…

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