‘GREAT RESET’: shortening the Prime Suspects list

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The Banker-Snoop community is found in the shadows, not the headlines

The Why of the Great Reset

Here is a little-remarked fact to which everyone should pay attention. In 2020, China substantially outstripped the U.S. in foreign direct investment inflows, attracting $163 billion versus America’s $134 billion. The previous year, the U.S. had received $251 billion in foreign direct investment versus $140 billion for China.

Those numbers reflect quite a few own-goals: US multinationals offshoring labour, and of course Antifa and BLM’s pyromania in several cities alongside the pernicious anti-Trump barrage of Covid hype and ‘deadly insurrection’ balls in relation to Capitol Hill. Add to this the biggest deficit in history likely to get bigger under Biden spendomania, and the USA no longer feels like a safe bet.

But the only issue that really matters from all this is the threat to American hegemony. And that makes the Reset all…

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