The Mainstream Bubble-An Insiders Perspective-Must Read

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The author of the following text has been an editor and newscaster for public service broadcasters for many years and writes here under a pseudonym. The editorial team knows his identity. He reports from the inner workings of a newsroom during the Corona crisis.

At the beginning of the already memorable year 2020, a term forced its way into public and private consciousness, which should increasingly determine and overshadow all of our lives: The “new corona virus”, also called SARS-CoV-2.The name was officially announced by the WHO on February 11th.After that, things went very quickly.At first I only saw the pictures of Chinese people with masks in the daily news, which was not an unusual sight, but soon Corona also reached our newsroom.

On the day when the first suspected corona case surfaced in our region, I was urged by our news chief to use it as a…

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