On Immunity, Vaccines and Lockdown


Debating vaccines is a part of the role and interest of those working in the arena of infectious disease. When a new vaccine appears it is never merely administered to everyone. Vaccines are recommended based on an array of considerations such as safety, efficacy, cost of disease/vaccine against benefit of vaccine/disease, who is high risk against who is not, where you draw the line between “vaccine recommended” and “vaccine not recommended”, and many other factors. These discussions are always informative and thought provoking. Today however, if you draw breath to gather your thoughts on Covid vaccines, you’re likely to be labelled “anti-vax” before you even make an utterance.

There are possible safety concerns with the Covid vaccines being rolled out at high speed today. They may be unwarranted. They deserve to be excluded based on data and evidence. This podcast by Dan Astin touches on the topic well.

John Ioannidis…

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