Poll: Americans don’t trust mainstream media


The New York Times building in New York City
Credit: Ajay Suresh/Flickr/Wikipedia/Creative Commons 2.0

A second Gallup Poll in 2020 has revealed that Americans have lost confidence in the mainstream media with only 28% of those polled stating they have “high” or “very high” confidence in the “honesty and ethical standards” of the media.

The Western Journal explains:

One important public service President Donald Trump has performed for the American people has been to pull the veneer back and fully expose the incredible bias of the establishment media.

Only 28 percent of Americans surveyed by Gallup last month rated the honesty and ethical standards of journalists as either “very high” or “high.”

Contrast that with police officers, who earned a combined 52 percent rating in those categories, down just 2 percentage points from 2019, despite the massive “defund the police” protests nationwide.

This poll also exposed the great political…

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Rules – a double-edged sword

Keeping the rules is supposed to keep you out of trouble. But how often have the law-abiding been mystified at becoming the target of police attention while criminals are ignored. What is going on?

Perhaps a hypothetical example – a thought experiment – can suggest why.

Imagine a classroom. Most of the students are good, some are bad. The teacher is supposed to account for the presence of every child, but one particular kid is hugely disruptive, not only to the class but to the school. He is known to come from a criminal family. He decides to truant. Peace returns to the classroom and the school is not being disrupted. Somehow the teacher accidentally fails to notice his absence.

Alternatively, a good kid starts to truant. The teacher switches into full rule-applying mode. He notifies the Head, who notifies the relevant authorities and in short order that child’s parents are  visited by bureaucrats and police threatening fines and possible criminal penalties. The school, bureaucrats, police all keep records for future reference.

Or another alternative. Another good child who truants parents are a lawyer/doctor/police/political class. The teacher has a discreet word with the Head who personally has a quiet word with the parents, and the child either returns to class or doesn’t but the school has taken action and the matter is considered closed. All unofficial, off the record, unacknowledged. Nothing must happen to impair an elite’s child reputation regardless of behaviour.


The problem with rules. Who applies them. And who the rules are applied against.

There are four categories of actors in this human equation. Ordinary folk. Criminals. Privileged. And Enforcers of rules who could belong to any of the previous categories. Different attitudes to rules belong to each group.

Criminals disregard the rules asserting their special exemption with retaliatory violence.

The privileged don’t expect the rules to be applied to them although they are keen for the rules to be exactly applied to everyone else and are zealous in applying legal and social penalties against any so naive as to think the rules should be applied to them. Doing this asserts their status and maintains their status, they who judge but are not judged.

Ordinary folk view rules as social policies which exist for the protection of everyone and to maintain a harmonious society in which everyone, protected from criminal and anti-social behaviours can flourish.


If enforcers of rules think that rules should be fair and impartially and universally applied, there are three consequences.

That individual can become a moral and social hero for standing up for what is right. (Rare).

They can take a stand against criminals/anti-social and find themselves and family targeted for criminal attack, with the standard indifference from the police, or police cooperation with the criminals (in ignoring the crimes).

They can be subject to elite retaliation taking the form of their career being undermined, false accusations of criminal/immoral/non-professional activity, and general professional harassment and public ignominy.

The priority for “authority” to maintain the stability and appearance of infallibility of those in charge, maintaining the status quo and transferring the label of trouble-maker from the people actually causing the trouble to the person trying to deal with the problem.

Authority often interferes when citizens apply perfectly legal methods of solving a social problem expanding the “you mustn’t take the law into your own hands” to include no-one not in a position of authority must solve a social problem themselves, as that undermines the authority’s monopoly of deciding which situations are problems and need to be dealt with. You are treated as stealing authority’s prerogative which is a licence to act. Even when you acted because authority made it clear they were determined to do nothing and let the problem run.


On the other hand if the rule enforcer is higher status and interprets his class privilege as the right to enforce rules on others, lower class of course, not higher, he will revel in his right to exercise power.  In the interests of his own safety he will avoid avoid confronting criminals but will charge full throttle against permissible and safe targets.

For ordinary folk the situation is weird. They keep the rules. They expect others to keep the rules as it brings about the best situation for everyone. But they see some classes of disruptive and privileged mock-laws are exempted, while they alone are targeted.

To make matters worse rule enforcers to justify their existence and enjoy their licence to exercise power (bully, protected from restraint or repercussions?) not able to find major criminal activity amongst the population they are permitted to target become ever more zealous in applying penalties for trivial infractions. They are motivated to find crimes where there are none. Going after criminals is dangerous. Going after elite destroys your livelihood. They need to find crimes/rule breakers amongst the only remaining population they can safely act against. That that population is generally law-abiding is hugely frustrating – it indirectly threatens their existence. Their job is to apply rules/laws. If they can’t find people they can apply the rules against they have no job. Jobsworths need work to do. In the absence of any real work they become inventive.

The end result of this human equation is being law-abiding sets you up as the preferred soft targets for criminals and prime targets for harassment from the authorities.

Water seeks the lowest level. Human actions likewise follow the paths of least resistance.

In the present situation being  good makes you a trouble magnet.


This isn’t rocket science it is common sense. From the point of view of social justice, correcting this human equation for a better result is not difficult. What is lacking is the will to do it by those who have the power.

Firstly if a rule infraction is so trivial that penalties need not be applied to the privileged, then they need not be applied to anyone. Perhaps many rules are unnecessary.  Equality before the law. Social custom should suffice.

Secondly if rules/laws are worth upholding those who break them must be dealt with, otherwise there is no point in having the rules. Therefore those who apply the rules must be committed to this principle and accept that their job requirement requires confrontation with people who are of their nature very unpleasant, devious, time-wasting, intelligent,  manipulative, immoral, even dangerous, and obstinate in attempting to attain/retain privileged exempt status. But no-one with any sense is going to take on such thankless work in the absence of robust support from their managers who themselves can resist criminal and/or elite pressure and with the support of society at large.

Thirdly the law-abiding majority must cease to be collectively soft targets. Criminals and elites protect their advantaged position with vigilance, muscle and cunning.  You can’t protect or advance rights by being passive or trusting. The victimised classes, collectively the majority, must solidly reject “divide and rule” and back each other up when subjected to bureaucratic unfairness, exposing mal-administration.

They must avoid chasing red-herrings dangled enticingly by the manipulative elites.

Fight to protect rights collectively  not against each other or at others expense, building on the foundation of citizens’ rights earned over centuries of struggle and sacrifice.

The Great Reset, Part III: “Capitalism” with Chinese Influence


by Michael Rectenwald | Mises.org

January 1st 2021, 9:42 am

China is the model for the economic and political system being promoted in the West, and the Great Reset is the most forthright articulation of that system—although its articulation is anything but perfectly forthright

The title of this essay represents a play on the Chinese Communist Party’s description of its economy.

Several decades ago, when China’s growing reliance on the for-profit sectors of its economy could no longer be credibly denied by the CCP, its leadership approved the slogan “socialism with Chinese characteristics” to describe the Chinese economic system.1Formulated by Deng Xiaoping, the phrase became an essential component the CCP’s attempt to rationalize Chinese capitalist development under a socialist-communist political system.

According to the party, the growing privatization of the Chinese economy was to be a temporary phase—lasting as long as a hundred years according to some party leaders—on…

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2 Minnesota Lawmakers Say State’s COVID-19 Deaths Inaccurate, Demand Nationwide Audit


by Zero Hedge

Authored by GQ Pan via The Epoch Times,

TwoMinnesotalegislators who believe their state’sCOVID-19death count is inaccurate are calling for a nationwide audit to find out how many people died from something other than theCCP (Chinese Communist Party) virusbut were added to the pandemic death totals.

Republican State Rep. Mary Franson said she has enlisted a team to examine data provided by Minnesota’s health department. Her team allegedly found that COVID-19 was blamed for some deaths clearly not linked to the respiratory disease.

“We found clear-cut examples from the Minnesota Department of Health’s own files—public records—of suicide, a drowning, an auto accident where the passenger was ejected from the vehicle, we found dementia … and strokes,”Franson said during an interview withFox News, adding that she was “so shocked at what I found that I just could not keep silent.”

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Even While It Was Happening, It Wasn’t Happening, by Michael Lesher


If every liberty we have is stripped from us and nobody objects, did it actually happen? From Michael Lesher at off-guardian.org:

Was there really such a year as 2020?

You know how it goes: if a tree falls in the forest and no one hears it, et cetera…?

Suppose an entire society goes to smithereens, while our media elites stubbornly refuse to notice. What then?

Suppose the reporters and the pundits and the “experts” ignore the coup that has trampled our basic freedoms since last March.

Suppose they all assure us that defending democracy is “anti-science,” and preach to us that civil rights (except for Black Lives Matter protests) are nothing but a “death cult.”

Suppose, after an “election” conducted mainly in the press, on the basis of a torrent of worthless propaganda, a notorious corporate whore is about to be installed in…

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The Great Reset, Part II: Corporate Socialism


Mises Institute
by Michael Rectenwald


As I noted in the previous installment, the Great Reset, if its architects have their way, would involve transformations of nearly every aspect of life. Here, I will limit my discussion to the economics of the Great Reset as promoted by the World Economic Forum (WEF), as well as to recent developments that have advanced these plans.

As F.A. Hayek suggested in his introductory essay to Collectivist Economic Planning, socialism can be divided into two aspects: the ends and the means.1 The socialist means is collectivist planning, while the ends, at least under proletarian socialism, are the collective ownership of the means of production and the “equal” or “equitable” distribution of the end products. Distinguishing between these two aspects in order to set aside the question of the ends and to focus on the means, Hayek suggested that collectivist planning could be…

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WebInvestigator.KK.org - by F. Kaskais

Matt Agorist, The Free Thought ProjectWaking Times

As TFTP reported this week, in a historical move, marking the fastest ever approved vaccine in history, ittook the US government less time to approvea COVID-19 vaccine than it did for them to approve $600 checks for starving Americans. Naturally, this has fueled public mistrust as by the very definition of “long-term” studies, absolutely no long-term studies were conducted in regard to the vaccine. Adding to this mistrust is the fact that if you are harmed by the COVID-19 vaccine, Pfizer and Moderna have total immunity from liability and you will have no one to blame in a U.S. court of law. Thanks to government “magic” you will be out of luck if the COVID-19 vaccine injures you.

In 2007, the US taxpayers were told that they were responsible for the negligent actions of several large banking institutions. They were…

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The power of the Orwellian dictionary.

Learning a foreign language is hard. Not only the thousands of words which you do not know but also the accepted usage, nuances, implications and social suitability. Misunderstandings, mistakes, social gaffes and unintentional humour to name just a few problems, are inevitable. But that is understood, accepted and tolerated. No-one expects a speaker of a foreign language to use the language perfectly. Forgiveness of imperfect usage is normal practice. Condemnation and mocking for mistakes would be regarded as crass bad manners.

Children learn their native language relatively quickly and seemingly effortlessly, their early few mistakes regarded as humorous and cute. But learning our own language is a life-long process. Mastery improves with age especially in the areas of manipulating oblique meanings, sub-scripts, irony, multiple/flexible interpretations, subtlety  and so forth.

So in maturity, having acquired an efficient mastery of language, including the subtle rules of social appropriateness, what situation do we find ourselves in when authorities over which we have no control and  acting in an arbitrary manner take it on themselves to alter the meaning of words? Altering the language by adding words and radically altering the meaning of words and social implications.

These techniques, standard methods of cult indoctrination to destabilise the cult’s victims, to undermine their sense of reality and to soften them up for mental and emotional submission are recognised in cults. However, the general population has not consented to join a cult. Which leads directly to the question why our governments and legal establishments are doing this.

What happens when language is played with in this way?

Suddenly you no longer know the language you learnt in childhood and have been using reliably and effectively throughout your adult life. Effectively your native language has become a foreign language with new words, different meanings of established words and new social traps which when you stumble over, unlike the foreign speaker of a language, does not guarantee forgiveness of mistakes but instead totalitarian condemnation, involving extreme extra-legal penalties such as loss of employment entailing loss of income, social exclusion, stigmatisation and pariah status. And to increase the likelihood of mistakes once the process of altering words meanings starts it never stops, constantly in revision so that our normal process of identifying safe language can never be achieved. As soon as the word usage is altered we are put on the back foot, and as we try to adjust the meaning is altered again, and so on, continuously.

Only the masters of language know what the words are supposed to mean, meaning which they control, now their exclusive privilege from which the rest of us are excluded, and penalised at every point.

This is a core cult technique now being applied globally.

Even our language is being stolen from us.

And of course, cult manipulators are con artists.

Should we have con artists in government?