The Great Reset Is A Totally Debunked Conspiracy Theory, So Please Ignore the Great Reset Conference Currently Taking Place


By Spencer Fernando, Exclusive to the National Citizens Coalition (click to read online)


What is true arrogance?

What is true power?

The ability to lie to someone’s face, know that you are lying, know that they know you are lying, and get away with itanyway.

Thus, after months of denouncing critics of The Great Reset as ‘conspiracy theorists,’ much of the media and political establishment expects people to simply ignore that an entire conference on The Great Reset is taking place as you read these words (and yes, the Trudeau Liberals are taking part).

In fact, the World Economic Forum even has a full page dedicated to ‘The Great Reset Initiative.

Yet,we are still toldthat this is all a conspiracy.

Even asnearly every national leader uses the exact same terminology of ‘Resetting’ and ‘Building Back Better.

Are we supposed to pretend wedon’tsee this?


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