Shapers of slavery: the awakening

winter oak

We began this series by quoting a filmed interview with Catherine Austin Fitts in which she warns that we are being pushed into a nightmarish future of complete control, a technocratic “slavery system”.

The video was removed by YouTube after 2.7 million views but at the time of writing was still available on vimeo.

Fitts says that we have been put in a trap by the Covid-19 corporate coup: “But the door hasn’t shut”.

Our only hope, she says, is transparency, in revealing to people what is being imposed on them without their willing consent.

“The first thing you have to see is you have to get a good map. In other words, you can’t nagivate this unless you can see the transhumanist system that is being built and who’s building it”.

Nobody outside the power elite wants the vast part of the whole human species to be effectively…

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