This is the UK.
Here is the News.

The Slog

Distraction, Distortion, Deception

Good to see the American Unity message coming through clearly

Just one or two reservations about what’s what on Covid here

The Jury is still out as to whether Chris Whitty is animal, vegetable, mineral, alien, crooked, stupid, or all of the foregoing. Whatever we decide, he certainly looks the part.

If you want to join this madhouse, it’s important to make a reservation

Citizens hate castor oil so it must be doing them good

Close your eyes and we’re almost there.

Right – pay attention because we must be clear about this: if you test positive for Covid19, don’t panic because (a) it’s probably a false result and (b) if it isn’t, you’re going to be OK almost half certainly because HCQ and Ivermectin didn’t work under Trump but now he’s gone they do and everyone will be vaccinated within the next decade or two anyway…

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