INAUGURATION DAY: One last hoax for the Road

The Slog

In this meticulously researched and faultlessly evidenced Inauguration Day essay, former US diplomat AJC Boone paints an alarming picture of serial Establishment mendacity. The illumination she throws upon the diabolically spreading darkness of the United States system of government is well timed indeed.

A couple of decades ago in a Moscow flat I was watching nothing-in-particular on television and happened upon a nature documentary. Something imported, I supposed, with a Russian voice-over. The footage showed some sea-birds rising and falling hypnotically on the swells of a cold grey sea. Once in a while, the birds were disturbed by an amorphous bulge just below the waterline. They expressed their annoyance with a peevish peck or two, assuming that would suffice to drive the nuisance away, which it seemed to do. Then the camera cut to what was going on under-water: enormous killer whales were rising from the deep, but too slowly…

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