Guinea kids

All the Goss

It had to come.

In the United States recruitment is going on using children as guinea pigs to further promote the untested Moderna mRNA vaccine.

One of the doctors involved in this recruitment drive is paeditrician Nicole Baldwin, MD, FAAP who tweeted:

“The fastest way out of this pandemic is through mass vaccination. This INCLUDES children. We can’t vaccinate children without safety data – & to do that we need children in trials. If you have an adolescent interested – here’s info about Moderna’s trial.”

It beggars belief that parents would subject their children to this risky experiment. Yes, kids can be naughty. But the little brats must have done something seriously wrong for any parent to want to give them this life-sentence?

Because that is what it is. These vaccines are life-changing. Forever.

Some parents seem to be proud of what they are doing. Take this mother, Cherise…

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