Appeal to instant government – make BBC TV Licence fee voluntary


What an introduction to new instant, fast-track government we have had since FTC (flattening the curve).

Who knew that government could change the rules overnight, then change them again the next morning and apply them to everyone in the country. Such power. Astounding!

Now we know the government has such power to implement change immediately  they have no excuse for endless delays over things people in the country actually want.  Like their years of dithering over abolishing the TV Licence fee.

I expect you have your own list about what you would like the “servants of the people” to instantly implement but first on my list would be making the BBC Licence fee voluntary. Yes, that is a new idea – voluntary, but unlike some who demand only one way of doing things and demand their way is forced on everyone else I accept that there are many people in the country who support the Licence fee and they should be free to pay for it if they want.

Making the Licence fee voluntary is fair to everyone. The Beeb who constantly tell us that they are market leaders and nobody does it better can join their competition on pay for view or whatever other modern marketing platform exists for selling their product. If they are best they will out-compete the rest. A great opportunity for them. The primacy of the free market and all that.

And they can practice what they preach, after all just about everything else in the country has been privatised to loud and repetitive Greek choruses of Beeb support.

Then everyone will be happy and perhaps on Sunday evenings we could all gather on our doorsteps and bang saucepans to thank our government  for the first time actually doing something the people want, the first of many. The new normal.

Isn’t that what they’re there for?


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