Let’s all get on our knees before the great god Fear, and worship him.

Or maybe, not.

Did you know that most accidents happen in the home? Perhaps we should all immediately dash outside.

Did you know that there are thousands of casualties including deaths caused by car accidents  each year, yet you don’t cower in fear when a car drives past in case it might go out of control and run you over – yet that is how accidents happen.

Did you know that annually in the UK between half a million to over 600,000 people die each year, every year? But never before has the country been put into a panic because of people dying in large numbers.

Did you know that sometimes people died when masonry fell off a building, or a wall fell on them? Perhaps we should stand well away from buildings and walls.

Did you know that the greatest suicide risk for women is within a year of having a baby? Perhaps women should avoid having or being near a baby.

Did you know small children sometimes die by choking on food? Perhaps we should stop feeding them.


If you don’t die young you live to be old and old people can die of anything and also everything. Consider a toddler or children. They fall many times a day and bounce back up like rubber balls. But if an old person falls it can kill them, and you could knock them down with a feather.

So when and why did we start prostrating ourselves before the god of panic?

Perhaps when our governments decided we should, and being good, obedient subjects who trust everything our governments say we did as we were told. Obediently we engaged in ritual hand-washing, mask wearing, and isolating relatives who might be unclean to solitary confinement. We abased ourselves before the god of fear as our heretofore secular governments decreed. We worshipped fear and in fear, sacrificing our children and failing elderly to harm, suffering and grief, hardening our hearts and averting our eyes as we offered up their suffering to the gods of ……

Ah. You didn’t know? Of course. In this secular age you missed the obvious. Let’s start at first principles.

We take a lot for granted. The food we eat. The water we drink. The air we breathe. The ground under our feet. The sun which warms our planet and allows life to exist.

In ourselves what makes us human. All religions say the same thing, whether the religion is mono- or polytheistic, Divine Beings or a Divine Being made us as lesser creatures, but similar in many ways, replicating the values that God or Gods value in themselves. Love, especially in a family setting  parental love of children. From this comes compassion, tolerance, the protective instinct, forgiveness, sympathy, imaginative identification (empathy), charity, helping and consoling the weak and vulnerable. All values God instilled in us as appropriate, good and right.

Beyond the family in the social arena, the protective aspect extends to countering the destructive acts of criminals, represented in such values as law serving justice, and social values of fairness.

As such, whether you believe in or worship a God or Gods, (I will use God/Gods interchangeably) or view yourself as agnostic or atheistic every act is  in service to God/the Gods when you act in accordance with any of the above values and any of the other recognised virtues. A good person lives by these values every moment of his or her life, when they honour and serve their families, when they sustain themselves with honest, moral and socially useful work, when they exercise pro-social values of  honesty, courtesy, kindness, respect and consideration towards everyone they meet.

OK, I admit my perspective is a bit off-standard. I was smitten by the Greek and Roman myths as a child. In my teens I had an insatiable curiousity about the world’s religions, struck by the ubiquity of religion in every country and historical era. It seemed the detail differed, the cultural “theatre” varied, but it seemed that there was universal agreement on core principles. I must add, from my secular background that I have nothing to say about the specific “truth” of any religion. Eventually I took philosophy at university so that rounds off my position.

About what is happening in the world at present, everyone is confused, but that confusion has been deliberately manufactured. Worse the world is suffering a fear pandemic and that has also been deliberately manufactured. So I can only offer tentative suggestions which are easily overlooked in our secular culture.

There is a saying that the devil’s greatest achievement was persuading everyone that he didn’t exist. But a greater achievement is persuading everyone that God doesn’t exist.

For those of the Judaic-Christian tradition God is synonymous with good, and for the current argument that will suffice. If you, like most people agree that the above mentioned virtues are the values by which humanity is supposed to live, and if we live by these values will personally and collectively flourish, then it is clear that what is going on now through dictatorship by the world’s governments, is the direct opposite of what God/the Gods require of us, and is destructive to us personally, collectively, even to the extent of causing emotional, mental  and social damage, along with endangering physical health up to and including death.

There is a name for the set of anti-values being enforced. It is called Satanism.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the concept of the anti-religion known as Satanism, it is as follows. The virtues noted above are extolled by the Gods as their values. Their enemies attack the values which God asserts by adopting the opposite, encapsulated  in the saying “evil be my good”. By the standards of ordinary people these values are so bizarre, so extreme, so off the moral grid as to be incomprehensible. But they do exist. Nazi Germany is the best outstanding recent example. In the Nazi death camps along with medical experiments, the Nazis carried out experiments in the occult. Some ancients would even have assumed the mass extermination of innocents as a glorious sacrificial tribute to the “gods” of hell. Every evil act a Satanist performs and every evil act a servant of evil instigates another to do is worship of evil and evil entities. So evil is amplified.

Destroying the human spirit, forcing us to carry out self-abusive acts (in wearing masks, particularly damaging to elderly with impaired airways and lung function and younger people with the same conditions); forcing parents to physically, mentally and emotionally abuse their children, even infants, by forcing them to wear masks, and denying children normal supportive emotional and social contact with loving relatives and the freedom to play in the outside world with others; over-burdening women by forcing them to care for children and other relatives requiring care, 24/7, with no break, no assistance, indefinitely; forcing families to abandon their elderly to spend the last months of their lives in isolation, uncomprehending that this is being done by government order; denying medical care to people with serious, often agonising, life-threatening illnesses; destroying honest livelihoods; and on and on.

Our governments are deliberately manufacturing suffering as tribute, as worship to evil, and this is only the start. Destroying the human heart, forcing us to act immorally, to break family ties, to destroy community spirit, to over-burden our consciences until they break, and we discard human feeling, moral sensibility, stop discriminating between good and evil, and allow ourselves to become abject slaves, tools consenting to be exploited for any agenda our self-appointed masters elect, and their methods, aren’t they obvious? Manufacturing and fanning hatred, spreading fear.

Why do it? In pursuit of power and wealth and the lifestyle that these can buy. But those who make such Faustian pacts become terrified of death when the cost of their unbreakable contracts will be exacted, not to mention the wrath of the Gods.


You know, we are not meant to live in fear. Fear of death is natural when it is imminent but we are not meant to spend our lives living in fear of death. The only way to avoid death is not to be born.

In olden days when people were afraid for real reasons they appealed to the Gods for protection. It is a natural instinct. It is said on the battlefield even atheists pray.

We seem to have forgotten that. God is our Protector. The Gods are our protectors. Evil is also their enemy. We should not follow where we are being misled. The Gods have already equipped us with the tools we need to deal with the current situation. These are intelligence, common-sense if you like. It is clear we are being spun a yarn. Truth. It is obvious we are being force-fed lies, by known liars and charlatans. Love, the qualities of our heart which makes us fight for the safety of our children and young people and respected elders. Community spirit where we support and help each other and do not condemn. Leadership of those whose only wish is to protect their families and communities from harm brought about by criminals and the morally reckless. We are not weak, neither individually nor collectively. And we are not alone even though our governments are strenuously trying to cage each and every one of us and cut us off from life, the world and each other.

The government’s think they are God. They think they are all-powerful. They think they are all-knowing. They are mistaken. They are fools who have freely chosen to follow hell. It might be wise to not follow them on their disastrous course. To withdraw support wherever we can, to follow God/the Gods instead, and pray.


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