Locking Down Our Frontal Lobes


Our frontal lobe processes complex thought such as rational analysis, decision making and planning. A functional frontal lobe allows us to control our emotions as we apply thought and logic to feelings. This is one of the last areas of the brain to mature, in early adulthood.

Our amygdala is one of the first parts of our brain to form during foetal development. Its role is to recognise and respond to emotion. Most animals have an amygdala; even lizards, hence its moniker of “lizard brain”. Yesterday I was walking along a bush track and a lizard dashed under a rock to hide from me. His amygdala told him danger was approaching and to disappear quickly.

In the past year most of the world have experienced unusually high levels of stress due to the global Covid-19 pandemic and so-called “public health” response. Stress and fear activate our amygdalas which can overpower…

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