Lockdown: A police constable’s perspective

Freedom Of Speech

by David Scott via UK Column

The UK Column received the following letter from a serving police officer. His name must remain confidential, for, by speaking up for the law, and for the rights of the British people, he places his job in jeopardy. Such is the nature of our institutions today.

We reproduce this letter in full and thank the officer who had the courage and firmness to write it.

I am a serving police officer and I am writing this to give my perspective on what is happening to UK policing in the context of this so-called “Covid crisis”.

I have been a police officer for 14 years and have seen a lot of change in the service, even in that relatively short time. I have seen the gradual, but very deliberate drift towards political correctness, a concerted drive for diversity and equality at the expense of a…

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