THE SUNDAY ESSAY: why it’s time we moved on from critiques of one government to fear of World government

The Slog

“Draw the bow but don’t shoot — it is a bigger threat to be intimidated than to be hit” ~ Chinese Proverb

First lie of the day in the UK media this morning as the Telegraph insists that Covid is “overwhelming” the NHS. Not true because (a) in 60+% of cases, C19 is a comorbidity, not the main problem (b) the self-isolating staff at home are the issue, not the infrastructure….and they’re infected because the PPE isn’t up to scratch (c) the number of “cases” in hospital will halve thanks to useless tests that keep giving false positives and (d) too much attention is being given to a hyped virus – and that creates a crisis in genuinely life-threatening disease control….as predicted in these columns last May.

A large part of the issue here is political and civil service purchasing that has been financially incontinent and unfit for purpose.


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