In Rush to Create Magic-Bullet COVID Vaccines, Have We Made Matters Worse?

The Most Revolutionary Act

By Brian Hooker, Ph.D, P.E.

Study that found vaccines that don’t prevent viral transmission may accelerate evolution of more virulent strains could mean leading vaccine candidates may make COVID crisis worse.

When a virus infects a population of humans, only those viruses that have a living human host will survive. If a virus is so pathogenic that it kills the human it infected, it dies too.

Therefore, mortality of the host kills the most severe forms of any virus over time. Infection rates may go up, but mortality goes down.

In a 2015 study published in PLOS Biology, researchers hypothesized that vaccination can subvert this process by…

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5 Replies to “In Rush to Create Magic-Bullet COVID Vaccines, Have We Made Matters Worse?”

  1. That’s a bit frightening to contemplate. I’ve also read a theory that the continued lockdowns could be interfering with the virus’s process of becoming less lethal by reducing its spreading through healthy populations. It’s becoming more and more clear we are doing everything wrong.

      1. I know what you;re saying, that viruses make themselves less lethal in order to stop killing their hosts and more spreadable to survive. The theory is that by closing down normal society, the main areas of spread become those in care homes with old, diseased bodies which prevents the more lethal strains from being overtaken by milder ones. Just a theory mind you but it must be considered as we continue on down this vast experiment of quarantining and masking healthy people.

      2. Also by making it difficult for the various strains to spread, from mild to severe the measures cleared the field for only the severe versions to spread while hindering the herd immunity which might have built up through milder versions – perhaps.

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