Five more short-term deaths after taking Pfizer Biontech vaccine

All the Goss

Remember when people were dying of pneumonia, heart attacks and other annually common causes of death and having their deaths recorded as COVID-19 deaths? Vaccines to the rescue. Now it is the other way round. They don’t die of COVID-19 they die of something else totally unrelated to viruses or vaccines, or so it would seem.

An Israeli man has died hours after taking the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine. The 75 year old’s death had nothing to do with the vaccine or COVID-19, even though he had the SARS-COV-2 virus running through his bloodstream from the injection.

He is not alone. In Switzerland a nursing home resident died after getting the vaccine. No information is available as to whether the vaccine is connected with the death. Neither does it say whether the victim was male or female.

The Florida doctor who died after receiving a Pfizer BioNTech jab appears to have…

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