Santa Claus vs Satan’s Claws

The Slog

Christmas comes but once a year

to bring us all great joy and cheer.

But somehow Covid’s always here

to fuck it up with Pharma fear.

I finished my mini-research sample of US, Aussie, Canadian, UK and EU editors yesterday. It’s a mere eleven strong, so let’s not be definitive about it. Here are the ballpoints:

  • Eight of them have been heavily leaned on to spike articles relating to Covid19 contradiction, distortion and general alarmism
  • Six of them are “sure” that Lockdowns aren’t working
  • Five of them agree that the nature of Covid19 doesn’t warrant economic destruction
  • Five of them believe Herd Immunity was – and is – the way to go.

For myself, I rather think one thing we need is Nerd Immunity. Over and above that, however, none of the First XI gave credence to one theory I put to them. It was this: that the nature…

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