Don’t let them rain on your Christmas

All the Goss

For us Christmas is usually a quiet family affair anyway. Even if it was not, Matt Hancock, the Scrooge of Christmas present, the Scrooge of Christmas yet to come, would not be allowed to rain his humbug on our parties. Don’t let him rain on yours. Ask yourself how many people you know who are suffering from Covid-19 (not diagnosed by the grossly inaccurate PCR test but actually suffering from a virus in this fraudulent attempt to control everybody and lock us all down).

The police are not going to want to be breaking up parties and ruining people’s festivities as long as there is no brawling or objectionable behaviour. So ignore the Downing Street buffoons. That’s my advice. Max wants to say the same thing wearing his reindeer headgear among the plants.

‘Tis the season to be jolly

In the part of South Birmingham where I now live people…

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