The COVID News You Aren’t Supposed to See, Part 3: Hydroxychloroquine and Early Treatment

Applied Heart

by Steve Golden —

As the COVID-19 vaccination campaign gets underway in the US (more on the vaccine in a future post!), some people have raised questions about why there wasn’t a focus on early treatment of the virus. Patients who tested positive are told to go home and isolate unless their symptoms become severe enough to seek treatment. For a virus that’s so deadly the world shut down entire societies, it’s odd that there has not been a more concerted effort to offer early, outpatient treatments to positive patients.

Dr. Mark Steffen, an MD and Kansas senator-elect from Reno County, said recently,

“Never before have we said ‘stay home until you’re about to die and then we’ll take care of you’, . . . We don’t say with breast cancer, you’re at stage one, come back and we’ll help you fight it when you get to stage…

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